Wednesday, February 25, 2009

29 week visit

Weight and Blood pressure were great (120/75). Dr Dawson said my weight gain had been great, only 17 lbs total so far. Guess that sounds ok... He said I was measuring 27-28 weeks and that is great and all but I am 29 weeks.. he's a little confused. He also asked how our three kids were.... does he know who he is dealing with??? Not real sure what is going on with him.. This is the same person who asked us the first day he met us, since we had two kids if we wanted him to tie my tubes after my c-section!!! And when we asked him his suggestions on my vericous veins, his response was... well I guese we could just cut off that leg... Even though he is very competent, he has a horrible bed side manner!!!!! But we left and got to see Dr Doss and Vicky Childs (my favorite two drs that cannot deliver anymore), so that is always encouraging. I go back in four weeks and that will be my last monthly visit and then we will be going every two weeks. After we left the office, I scheduled my prenatal massage for next week... GOOD TIMES!!

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