Sunday, February 8, 2009

Trip to Houston...

Kyndahl's first trip out of town in her big girl carseat! Saturday David and I loaded up everything to head to Babies R Us and Once Upon a Child in Houston. The plan was to be in the car in time for the morning nap and hopefully K would sleep most of the way...well so much for hoping! She played with Daddy and Nuka and Raffe for most of the way and got a little antsy as we approached Houston, so no morning nap! Into Babies R Us to exchange bottles and look at her a potty seat... two hours later with lots of stuff in tow (including a chair we bought for daddy... i mean Peanut) we haeded out to get lunch. We stopped at McDonalds against Mommy's better judegement but we ate and went to find Once Upon a Child. Kyndahl fell asleep shortly after getting back in the car, so I ran into OUC and found very few items we needed. Really we are looking for a good used changing table but no such luck! So I headed back to the car and we started our journey home... Kyndahl and Daddy slept until north of Navasota so she did ok! That evening we stayed at home and Re and Ry came over for dinner and games... fun was had by all! Kyndahl even showed off her dancing skills for a little while before bed!! She really is funny when she dances... if music is on, she will stop in the middle of playing, dance a second and then go back to playing!! Silly kid!

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