Thursday, February 5, 2009


Kyndahl is getting to be such a big girl!! She never crawls anymore and is fast on her feet! She loves to sit in the driver's seat of Daddy's truck and "drive"! She will make a bee line for his truck if you let her down in the front yard! Spike and Gizzy are still her best friends, even though they do not always agree. At night she will get her Nuka and Raffe or Zebe and follow me around the house asking to go to bed. She chased me with "Good Night Moon" the other night! Poor kids is exhausted by the time mommy gets home! She is actually sleeping through the night most nights... but Mommy is still getting up thanks to Peanut! LOL!
Its not fun getting home so late. I get home usually by 4:30 but our time together is mainly dinner, bath and bedtime routine with little playtime!! But that is the life of a scheduled child who is VERY HAPPY!!!
She has really started to grow and move more... I guess that is why she eats better and sleeps so much right now... growth spurts as well as starting to RUN will really wear you out... hence the reason she is so tired by bedtime! Hopefully I will upload more pics soon!

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