Friday, February 20, 2009

30th Birthday!

Since yesterday was my 30th birthday, it was a busy day. Dad was the first one to call me?!?!? Then Mom called while Sally was beeping in. Audrey sand me happy birthday and I talked to G-ma and Papa Chuck on the way to school The morning actually started with K not feeling great and waking up all snotty but once I got to school things were looking up. The 1st period English class that I help out with (all Juniors) decorated the classroom, gave me a cute card that sings, made brownies and breakfast tacos... all in all the "party" was great! Then Mom sent me flowers that I got at lunch and Laney bought me a cookie cake that we shared with everyone in the office during lunch. All in all school made for a good birthday! Megan and I headed home at 3:30 and K was still asleep when I got home which gave me time to clean up some around the house. David got home and we all three got dressed for dinner... K looked so adorable in her outfit! We met everyone at Carino's for dinner at 5:30. Ashley, Craig, Maddie, Cindy, Charlie, Grams, Papa B, Megan, Nana and Papa all were there. Marc and Melissa stopped by for a minute to see us but did not stay to eat. David made party hats for Kyndahl, Maddie and I and bought a cookie cake too! After dinner and cake we headed home to finally get our silly kid to bed, who was so tired that EVERYTHING was SO FUNNY! But after about an hour, she finally laid down and got some rest... slept through the night! Re and Ry came over about 8:15 after Re's class and we hung out with them. So all in all, it was a good day... busy and crazy but good!

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  1. I had no idea yesterday was your birthday! I'm so sorry I missed it, but I'm glad it was a great day. Happy (late) birthday!