Monday, February 23, 2009

Long weekend....

This is going to be a long and random blog but.... Friday was a lazy day... after school we just hung out at home but Kyndahl is still not feeling great. She threw up again when I put her down, in her crib so we had to change the sheets, her clothes, bumper pads and all... she finally got to go back down about an hour later... yucky! Daddy was up with her from 4:30-6:00am so getting up Saturday morning to go to the store was not his idea of fun! But we made our weekly trip to Shipley's and Kroger. Kyndahl loves her special milk she gets on the weekend! Back to the house for her to nap and us to work around the house. We had dinner Saturday night with De, Chris, Maddy and Peyton for a belated birthday dinner at OTB. The kids are so funny together as they see each other and react to each other! Kyndahl still has the cough, runny nose and sneezing so we made her a dr appt for Sunday at 2pm. Sunday morning we just hung out since Kyndahl coughed all night and did not sleep well. Her morning nap was not great but we headed to Aunt Re and Uncle Ry's to see them after lunch. Kyndahl has decided she really hates big dogs... I'm not sure if she is scared of them or what, but she cried real tears anytime they would come near her! At 2pm we headed to the dr... she weighs 22 lbs exactly! Not a very big kid but happy! She just has a icky cold so not much we can do but hope it clears up soon. Hopefully not many more days of it but we'll see. He just said to make sure if anything gets worse we bring her back so it doesn't turn into anything worse.
The actual funniest part of the weekend was Sunday Daddy was working on the smoke alarms when we put K down for her 2nd nap... he set all three in the house off (one is two feet from her bed) and she never even moved. She grabbed her Raffe and Nuka and went to sleep while they continued to make a horrible loud sound! She takes after her daddy for sure... after nap, we headed to the park so daddy could continue working and she had a blast climbing stairs, sliding and crawling through the tunnel all by herself! She is getting to be such a big kid!

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