Sunday, August 21, 2011

Growing girls...

Kyndahl- when you ask her to spell her last Boatcallie, she does the following "M-o-o-d-y slash B-o-a-t-c-a-l-l-i-e" And yes she says slash... she has learned that it says Moody Boatcallie on our wedding sign in our room!! Silly girl!! She also is ready to start Allen Academy in the morning, with a double ear infection!! Hope all goes well!!

Kaylah- Loves singing her ABC's, hearing the LMNOP part is hilarious!! She counts to ten all the time as long as sister doesn't interrupt counting or her singing.

Both are getting so big so quick... oh ya and both are still so excited about Flipper making it's arrival in Oct... Monday Oct 17th about noon to be exact!! Date has been set... 8 weeks!!! Lots to do in 8 weeks, the work begins NOW!!

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