Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Silly sisters...

They are so silly... they really do get along really well most of the time... the other 20% of the time they fight like crazy. Its so cute when they play great together. They are SO into babies right now. They "babysit" all of their baby dolls daily!!! 
Each of them is very different about the way they talk about the new baby!!! Kyndahl talks to my tummy and rubs and kisses it all the time. She tells it to go to sleep when it is moving lots and has to hug and kiss my belly good-bye each morning.
Kaylah just talks about the baby being in Mommy's tummy. She puts stickers on it and says Flipper is moving all the time (even when she can't feel it). 
I really think they are both excited... still concerned how Kaylah will react to having to share Mommy, so we'll see!

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