Monday, June 13, 2011

Afternoon playdate in May

Playdate with Haylee at Tangelwood. Haylee is from Kyndahl's old school and she always asks about her! We finally got in touch with her grandma and met up to let them play.
Of course we were in the water on the coolest day of the month!! It was overcast and windy so Kyndahl didn't really want to get in the water because she was cold! But the other girls had a blast! 

 Finally we gave into Kyndahl and got them dressed and headed to the playground. They ran and ran and ran. We met a little boy named Tyler I think that was 4 and they all enjoyed playing chase for about 45 mins! They were for sure worn out by the time we loaded up!

 Love this pic of Kaylah... just having too much fun!!!

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