Tuesday, September 28, 2010

St Thomas September fest

We ended the weekend with another busy Sunday. After church we headed home to change clothes and head out to Sept. Fest. The girls had a great time. Kyndahl rode the horses twice. They both loved the blow up jumpers and the duck pond. Kyndahl got her hand painted and we rode in the train. We have some great videos from the actual video camera (and not just my sony) so its harder to upload but I will try again this evening! Enjoy the pics of what we have for now... maybe Grams got some photos to share too!
After we took our exhausted little ones home for a LATE nap, we had a little extra time before bed to head back to research park and fly our kite. I think they like playing in the grass and dirt more while we are there, but we all had a great time!

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