Friday, September 24, 2010

Aggie Game Day Week 2 (Sept 18th)

Aggie kids zone was so much fun for Kyndahl... Kaylah was a little too small but got to jump on the edge. They both really enjoyed it. While waiting in line we saw the band march in and play!! Loved it! 

 Cheesing with Mommy!

 Hanging out at the tailgate with Megan, Micah and Rebel...
 Miss Priss

 Much better than last week... at least we are all looking in the same direction!

Do you see how close we are the the "aggies" She wouldn't take a picture with a corp senior but would stand so we could see their boots in the background. 

 It was really neat to be right there for the run in!! Kyndahl loved the jets then the drums and then the "Aggies"

Pregame on the field!! We decided since our seats were actually on the 3rd deck, that we would sit on the grass in front of the jumbotron. It was great! We got to take pics on the field, Kyndahl could run around and play, we could touch the players as they ran by and watch the band from the field!! She loved it! 

 Gig 'em!
 making faces at the camera!
 Watching that loved Fightin' Texas Aggie band!
 Dancing to the music and acting like a band commander!
 Getting sleepy...

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