Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sept 11th Tailgating Take 1

The girls went to their first tailgate this weekend! They had a blast. We ate with Megan and Micah then headed to the Kid's Zone and to watch march in. They loved the band and the Cav on their horses. It really was fun to watch them!! Then we shipped Kaylah off with Grams to head to bed and went in the gates with Kyndahl! It was a great day to spend at the Aggie game with my big girl and husband! 

Having fun at tailgate! Food, football and friends! 

Having fun watching the march in... every now and then they smile for the camera! The kid's zone was taken down by the time we got down there but they enjoyed watching the band and the marching and the horses just as much!

This is as good as the family picture got! Well at least we tried! 

Kyndahl was a little scared, Kaylah wanted to get her and Daddy actually posed for the picture! Great opportunity but didn't do us much good!! 

Too much going on to take a picture with Mommy! 
Watching the "Aggies" march in... Kyndahl is convinced that Aggies are corp boys and football players and that's it!

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