Thursday, October 21, 2010

Crazy little girls...

Some of Kyndahl's new sayings...
to Kaylah- "I'm just not going to deal with you right now"
"You wear me out!"
"When I get older, I am going to drive"
"But I'm NOT a princess... "- when told that's not how princess' act!

Kaylah is a noisy little eater and loves to say "mmmmm" and "num num"
While in the back seat with a cone to an ice cream all you hear is... crunch, crunch, crunch, mmmmm, crunch, crunch, num num
When mommy changed clothes she looked at me with wide eyes and said... "num num momma, num num"
She really has started to talk and make animal sounds, more and more each day. Neigh neigh is her new favorite.

Kyndahl is such a big girl... we let her leave yesterday to go to Austin with Nana. They are staying at G-ma and Papa's house until we meet them up there Friday after school. That's two nights in a row away from home... and not only that, ITS 3 HRS AWAY!!!

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