Friday, October 15, 2010

Alpine... here we come!!

Friday I got out of school a few minutes early and headed home to pack up. Jana came straight from Huntsville and we all loaded up. We left here about 4:15pm and arrived in the big city of Alpine about 1am! We stopped for a long Sonic trip in Bastrop but other than gas and potty in Junction, that was it. The girls did really well but were up bright and early Saturday morning so I was up to deal with them. About 9am after we had eaten breakfast in the lobby, I headed back to the room and left the girls with Jana and Mom. David and I tried to get in a quick nap. 
Mom comes back laughing about their breakfast and ask Kyndahl to tell me about it. Kyndahl tells me there was a quack quack duck at breakfast and mom prods her to tell me his name. Instead of Donald Duck, Kyndahl says "Lucy Goosey"... too funny. But mom explains that it was Glen Campbell! He had been playing with and teaching Kyndahl to talk like Donald Duck while mom was getting breakfast and after he got his omelet, he came over to play with Kaylah and introduced himself. It took a few minutes to dawn on mom but when it finally did, she apologized for not recognizing him and they all continued to play, eat and talk about the party that evening. 

After we got dressed, we headed out to the ranch for lunch with the workers. Kyndahl and Kaylah loved the boot pool... Kaylah actually tried to jump in several times and Kyndahl took her shoes off so she could "feel how cold it was". They rode on the toys and chased little frogs... Kaylah wanted to catch one SO BAD! Then of course we had to pose for a few choice pictures on our way out. 
We didn't leave until almost 2:00 so the tiredness had set in on the girls. Kaylah had actually taken a short morning nap (which she hasn't done in about 6 months) before we went and fell asleep in the car on the way out there. So on the way back to the hotel they were a little out of it but we made it and got EVERYONE down for a nap. And the girls slept and slept... mom and Jana finally got dressed and headed to the ranch and I finally woke Kaylah up at 6PM!!! We dressed and headed to meet up with mom and Jana. Dinner was great as always and there were several people we hadn't seen in forever that we got to talk with. Then the concert started....

 This is Kyndahl not wanting to say "hi MOM" in the microphone...
 Kaylah dancing to Glen Campbell
 My big girls "texting"... or at least it looks like it!
 Claytie and Glen's duo

 "Donald Duck" to her...

They got to stay out late!! They didn't leave the party until after 9pm!! That's REALLY LATE in our world! Here are some great videos of the Rhinestone cowboys themselves!! 

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