Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Saturday was a long day...

We started with getting up and packing the car to head back to College Station. We were supposed to meet Rick, Mary, Will and Molly at 8:30 for breakfast at IHOP but were about 15 mins late!!! Hate that! Then our waitress had a meltdown or something because we didn't leave there until almost 11:00! Yikes, we thought we would be on the road by 10:00... oh well what do you do!

This is the craziness of us trying to get the truck loaded and out of town... at least we looked cute!!

 Kyndahl LOVES the windmills... if they could have lined the road the whole way home, she would have been infatuated! But even though they don't, both girls were exceptionally good the whole ride. We stopped much less and no crying either!! They did great and we made it home by 5:45 in time for Kevin and Keeli to show up and help us feed, entertain and get them to bed so we could...

Get dressed and head to Pebble Creek for a 50th wedding anniversary dinner for Aunt Rose and Uncle Charles. It was nice to get to sit and talk to everyone without chasing the little ones around because Sunday instead of being inside socializing with family and friends, we were...
 outside on the steps letting the littles ones eat,
 trying to not fall,
 debating on sharing cookies,
 playing in the amazing playhouse, and
chasing little ones in the yard. At least it was some good cousin time for the kids!

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