Sunday, December 20, 2009

Santa's Wonderland

Not nice to take pics with me after workout, but had to have one right!!Aren't they just too cute!! Kyndahl actually posed for a picture... she won't do that with her sister! Hugs goodbye!

Melinda, Jason and Katee came in on Dec 20th and we headed to Santa's Wonderland. We thought we would drive through so we all loaded up in our suburban... but then we saw the line! There was no way that all of the kids would make it through the line and then through the park, so we parked and went inside for the hayride!! We walked in and were amazed!! None of us had ever been and it was amazing! They had a "snow" machine blowing snow over the entrance door. Then "Elvis" was singing around the campfire! Kyndahl decided that dancing on the stage was great. Maddie and Katee rode the bull while we went to the petting zoo. We grabbed some food while in line for the hayride, then jumped on the trailer! It was awesome... Kyndahl LOVED every minute of it!!

When we got home, Reese, Matthew and Chelsea were there with Ava. Kyndahl LOVES Ava, can you tell!!

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