Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hanging out at Gma and Papa's House

We headed to Grandma and Papa Chuck's house Friday the 12th to meet up with JJ and KayLeigh. It was a cramped ride to Austin with Sally, David, Kaylah, Kyndahl and I all in the Explorer! But we made it! KayLeigh ended up having a fever and went to the dr for a flu test. We had mexican food for dinner of course and then sat on the back porch to watch the lighting. Kyndahl headed to bed as usual and JJ and Sally snuck into the room to sleep later. Kyndahl got up at her normal 3:15am craziness and saw JJ. . . and said "HI"! They headed to the kitchen when she wouldn't go back to bed, so David and I joined them. We all sat and talked til she went back to sleep about 4am. Then everyone went to bed except me who had to ffed Kaylah as she got up, perfect timing huh! Saturday Kyndahl was up at 6:45am!! She is used to it being really dark in her room, so sunrise got her up!! She played with a frog and rode around with KL and Bryan.

Then KayLeigh taught her to eat cornflakes and ranch while Kaylah hung out with Papa.

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