Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ten years ago...

My roommate and I were awakened by a phone call... were we at stack that night?? Were we hurt??? Did we know what happened??? Stunned and confused, we turned on the news... The Aggie Bonfire stack had fallen... all we could do was stare and cry. We usually worked the late shifts. We had a great probability of being there... but luckily we weren't. Calls were made trying to find fellow Ags. Classes were not attended... We just stood at stack and prayed for those who were lost and those who were injured... The pain was unbearable... and for many of my friends, it was ring day, bittersweet. 12 Ags were lost and many were injured. The 12th Man fell for one of our greatest (and very missed) traditions. Bonfire is a huge part of the Aggie life and maybe one day it will truely burn again. The memorial was built on the exact spot but I know that the fallen Ags would want us to continue to "build the hell outta bonfire"-- they loved it as much as we do, otherwise they wouldn't have been there! Still to this day, it's hard to walk through the memorial but it helps the pain... the remembrance.... the Texas Aggie Bonfire.

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