Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Melinda Came to B/CS

Melinda is my best friend from high school and randomly is dating a guy who is from Bryan (don't say College Station... his step-mom gets really upset!). One of his friends from BHS got married this past weekend so they made the 8 hr trip across Texas and we got to hang out!! Friday after school they came over to the house and her daughter, Katee, and Kyndahl got to hang out and play while we talked. That night we got Prissy to babysit so we could go to a bbq at Jason's parent's house. We got Kyndahl down and headed over there about 7:15, just in time to dinner! Jason's family is great... the whole gang was there; aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, nieces... anyone you could think of!! We really had a great time... Melinda and I actually got to catch up more than we have since we graduated! After a late night, 12:30 (hey I'm pregnant and usually in bed no later than 10pm), we headed home and decided to meet up Saturday for lunch. Of course, we decided on Rosa's... it's a tradition regardless of what side of the state we are on! Lunch was great and so was the company! It was really great to meet Jason and to see Katee and Mel. Hopefully they will get to make another trip down this summer and get to meet Peanut!

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