Sunday, March 15, 2009

Good times at Old Navy

Saturday David gave me a $75 off a $100 coupon to Old Navy. Apparently there is a scavenger hunt on-line that you can do to find these. So after an outing to Chick Fil A (a very packed place with kids on Saturday) we headed to Old Navy. We bought David a shirt and a hat, me a t-shirt (the only thing I can buy there right now) and Kyndahl several really cute things. Our total was $115 and we paid $30!!! Isn't that crazy! David could really care less about the actual clothing we bought, all the cared about was the challenge of actually finding the coupon!!
Afterwards, Kyndahl took her nap and I headed to Gymboree with my 20% off coupon and found some really cute outfits! I found Kyndahl and Peanut matching outfits if Peanut is a girl. And if Peanut is a boy, I found a really cute outfit that says "Little Peanut"!! Either way, Peanut will look adorable coming home from the hospital... and it is taken care of early so we don't have the same meltdown during labor that we had with Kyndahl... most of you know the crazy story.. the only time in my whole first pregnany that I went insane was the day I went into labor looking for outfits for the baby to come home in!
After nap, we headed to Outback to celebrate Nana's birthday... food was horrible and the menu has really slimmed down so very few items to choose from. We used to go for lots of occasions (that was the first place we went on a date) but we could care less to ever go again!

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