Tuesday, April 14, 2009

36 week dr visit

Today we had a usually boring dr visit. My blood pressure was great: 124/78 and I gained 2 lbs!!! The nurse that took me back had me undress from the waist down but when Dr Dawson and the medical resident came in, he said that they must not know I am having a c-section because he won't check me. The resident measured my stomach (33-34 weeks) and helped me sit up. "Trish" apparently did not put me on his surgery list so I had to tell him when my c-section was scheduled. That was it! All Dawson asked was if the baby was ok! When we checked out we confirmed my next three appts... but for the third time they did not have one of them in the books... at least this time we checked beforehand and it wasn't a surprise when we showed up!! Things have really been crazy up there this time around?!??! So the count down begins... three weeks until Peanut's arrival!!

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