Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kyndahl to the dr...

After not sleeping at all on Tuesday night (David got 2 hours and I got almost 3 hours), we decided we had to get Kyndahl to the dr today. She is stuffy, sneezy, dopey, grumpy and all the other dwarfs combined... and snotty if that was a dwarf name!!! Because of all the drainage, she threwup all in her crib when I put her down Tuesday night. Then I held her in our bed for over 3 hours and she was up and down. Then David had her until 4am, while she was dancing and playing. Then I got her back from 4:30-6:30... fun night for all!!! She was afraid to lay down because she cannot breathe and doesn't want to throw up again... it really scares her when she does!! It's like she's choaking!!! So today I made an appt for 3:10 this afternoon. I left school early and got her up from a short nap when I got home. She is a little dehydrated and has not had a wet diaper or tee teed in the potty all day until right before our dr visit. Dr henderson said Kyndahl has an ear infection on the right side and sinus infection too! She is on antibiotics for ten days and should be feeling better in 2-3 days!! Hopefully tonight is a better night! We all need the sleep!

Happy Birthday to Gram's!! Hope Kyndahl wasn't too bad today!

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  1. Aw! I hope Kyndahl feels better soon! Happy one day late bday to Grams