Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th Family Fun

We had a great holiday weekend! It was great to see so many family members. Saturday Jeff, Wanda and some of their grandkids were there. Terry had shown up Friday and it was great to hand out with her!! We ran both Saturday and Sunday, it was nice. Trey and Kelsey were there on Saturday and then Anne and Ryan showed up with them on Sunday. Sunday, Papa's cousin Glen and his wife came as well!!! It was a great time! Of course, Gma, Papa, Josh, Brian, and all of us were there. Grams and Papa B even came over on Sunday. Saturday we just hung out and sat on the porch! Sunday we cooked (well I helped some...) and sat on the porch some more. The kids all drove rojo and chased grasshoppers! They had a blast. We had bought some sparklers but Trey picked up some real fireworks. So we woke Kyndahl up after dark so she could watch the show!! She loved it! It was really great weekend... Kyndahl even helped make sopapillas!! Little Kaylah was walking really well and then Sunday morning she fell and hit her head on the rocking chair so now won't even take a single step!! Oh well, she will get back on her feet so to speak soon!

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