Friday, January 14, 2011


I am finally caught all the way up on my blog... you would have thought that without work I could have kept up over the holiday, not so much!!
Things are good here at the Boatcallie household.

Kyndahl is now a holy terror of a 3 year old. She thinks everything is hers and hates to share with her sister. She is VERY loving to everyone one minute and then can turn and be very rough with her sister... she just really likes to wrestle (at least that's what I keep telling myself)!! Kyndahl is LOVING her new school! Peas in a Pod in College Station is amazing! She loves it and so do we. It is great to get to see her on the webcam during the day and to know she is really getting something out of it. We play "school" more than anything else. Anyone who picks her up from school has to pry her out of there... I am very excited about it. She is really funny about asking for things now. David makes sure she says "may I", so she tries to add it into EVERY question she asks!!! Its really cute. Conjugating is something we are struggling with. She really thinks about it before she says it and it is really cute. But she is growing into a beautiful little girl... not my baby anymore!!

Kaylah is getting so big as well! She has started getting back at her sister... she now will swipe something she wants and take off running away!!! Usually laughing loudly as she goes. Finally she is started to talk more... not like Kyndahl did but one and two words strung together. Her top right tooth still is not in so we are off to the dentist for her (and Kyndahl's) first visit next week. Her hair is getting longer, really in the back but the top is trying to catch up (david calls her Benjamin Franklin due to her hair)! Kaylah runs and jumps and tries to do everything her big sister does.. she won't say Kyndahl, she just calls her "sister". Potty training is coming nicely... she will teetee in the potty all day and not have a WET diaper, now to work on #2! She is still "my child" as Kyndahl is David's... but she sure does LOVE her Daddy.

Speaking of Daddy, David is working more and that is a good thing for us. Think we have the migraines under control for the most part... now if we could work on the exhaustion a little more!! But we are getting there! He got new glasses for Christmas and is loving them because he can now SEE!
As for me, I plan on doing another 1/2 marathon here in B/CS in March so I am training for that. I'm still hard at work teaching and getting ready for the TAKS test this spring... David and I both have birthdays coming up so hopefully for one of them we can get away for a night or so!! We have both emotionally recovered from the fall for the most part... on most days. It's still hard but we are making it and pulling together, it only makes us closer! God is in control and when He is ready for Baby Boatcallie #3, it will happen! Here's to a great year in 2011!

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