Tuesday, January 4, 2011

wow I am so far behind in this... sorry!!

It has been crazy... and I still have David's camera to upload pics from but I will get started with what I have!

Friday Dec 17th was the last day of school for us. Therefore, that means we had Christmas parties!! De made it to Matthew's this year so I got to hang out some with them.

Gotta love first graders at Christmas... they are so much fun and have lots of energy.

Saturday De had a great idea- make and decorate cookies with the kids and deliver them to the fire station. Sounded like an amazing idea... until it actually came to "making" and "decorating"... with a 6 year old, 2- 3 year olds and a 18 month old it was a little crazy!

 The first round of cutting went great with adult supervision, then as De and I started putting pans in the oven and getting the next round ready, the dough won a few rounds where shapes on top of shapes on top of other shapes were cut. Finally we got them all in the oven and cooked. Now on to decorate....

 Which again, in theory sound fun and great. But kids like to lick their fingers and sneeze and "eat" the icing... plus the cookies were still a little too hot for icing so it really all looked like one HUGE mess when put into boxes to be delivered.
But I think its the thought that counts! The firefighters were great about letting us come and play with all their cool things. One made sure the kids saw EVERYTHING!!

 This is about the only time the girls got down... they were a little scared or timid but the boys just had at it!!

All in all the kids had a great time together doing something that De and I have decided we will do each year... maybe next year we will already have the cookies made (we'll let them cut out a few just because) and cool before the icing begins, then put in freezer to set before we deliver them!

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  1. What a great idea! Already teaching them to do for others....!