Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Keeli and Kevin's Wedding Day!

 Typical us pics... thanks Reese for the hand in the face, I mean it really would have been a good pic!!
 Rissa is in a DRESS!! Love it!
 Jessica and Tim
 Cori is a dress is almost as good as Ris!
 Keeli and Charles... so pretty!

 The happy couple!! SO excited for them both!!

 we are actually standing next to our spouses!! that's a new one for us!

 Having LOTS of fun!!! David and Re really had a GREAT time!!
 Sister wives- we already said if anything happens to our husbands we are making a compound and moving in the with other!
 LOVE IT!!! Good luck to both KEELI and KEVIN... very proud of them! !
 Can you tell they are having LOTS OF FUN!!

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