Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Times Two...

Mother's Day was kinda restful... as much as it can be with a 5 day old! We had lunch at Rosa's before Nana had to leave for the airport, which will also put me in a good mood... the food, not Nana leaving! Then we all took at nap!! About 3:30 we decided we could load up and head to Gram's house for dinner with the family! It is also Uncle Marc's birthday and without his two K's, it would just not be the same... so we loaded up for more Mexican food and family time. Marc held Kaylah most of the time he was there! Then after dinner and some visiting, we headed home to put Kyndahl to bed. Daddy is having to put her to bed each night and since she is not going down without a fight, it is wearing on him. It doesn't help when she cries for me... we really are both having issues with me not being able to pick her up!!

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  1. I hate that you can't pick K up. How long do you have to wait?