Friday, May 8, 2009

coming home

Even though Kaylah's outfit was way too big, we all looked adorable coming home all matching! She was even in her shoes like Kyndahl's thanks to Keeli! Kaylah's coming home weight was 6lbs and 6 oz. She gained one ounce back the last night!! Mommy's milk is good for calories! Kyndahl was such a big helper, she even helped Daddy carry in the carseat with Kaylah inside. As you can see, she really loves to hug, kiss and hold Kaylah. She really is being great. She's not jealous and has to know where "baby" is at all times. We are working on saying Kaylah instead of baby but it's not going so well. Hopefully we will continue to not have huge issues and all will transition smoothly!

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