Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day at G-ma and Papa's

Sleeping buddies! Kaylah obviously loves her Papa Chuck as much as Kyndahl does. Kyndahl still has to know where he is and when he is returning at all times! She even takes after her mommy and loves his ribs as much as I do! Thanks Papa for all the food and sauce you sent home with us! It was great as always.. but with mom coming, does that mean I have to share??
My angels in their adorable matching outfits! Aren't they cute! Two days in a row and matching both days! Kyndahl's hair is getting so long up top that pigtails are about all we can do to keep it out of her face but after being in the car and napping, this is what we get!

Grandma with the girls! Kyndahl still has to love on and kiss Kaylah at any point during the day. She will be off playing, put down her toys, find and love on Kaylah and then return to whatever else she was doing!

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