Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Playing dress up??

Kyndahl has decided she likes to try and put on Kaylah's clothes. This is a picture of her in one of Kaylah's dresses pulled up over her own outfit. She also has Kaylah's nuka. We are only having small issues with the nuka. Kyndahl has to pick it up and give it to Kaylah everytime she sees is. You can tell she really wants to put it in her own mouth but has yet to do so... one day we will find her hiding and sucking on it I am sure!
Kyndahl's favorite new toy is Smores the horse. It is over 3 feet tall and moves and neighs! Kyndhal loves to brush it and feed it it's carrot! She loves it and gives it kisses all the time. Kaylah and Smores are the only ones who get real kisses, everyone else gets the forehead!

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