Saturday, November 19, 2011

The way to NOT have a c-section

We arrived at the hospital at 10am as scheduled. Reese took us to our room and one nurse came in... she tried to get an IV and missed. In comes Magda Lena, she was our nurse when we had Kaylah!! She is great so I started to relax! Then it began... she tried several times to get my IV in, then came another nurse, and another... then they got the anesthesiologist who brought a ultrasound machine with him (the next step was a central line...), he finally got the IV in but couldn't get blood drawn out of it. So now in comes the lab to draw my blood. By this time I had been stuck 12 times and Dr Dawson was bored and waiting on ME!! When does that ever happen!??!?! Once the blood was taken to the lab we had to wait for it to come back, but I wanted to go to the restroom before we headed to the operating room and couldn't go on my own for a while. But now the bed won't lower, it's broke!!!!! What??!?!? It wouldn't go down... three nurses and a step stool later, I got down and come out of the restroom to Dr Dawson hoping up and down on the bed trying to get it to work. So now I have to get in a wheel chair to be wheeled into the operating room...
Now in comes the anesthesiologist... I had already been talking to Dawson about how with Kaylah my spinal didn't work so I continue talking to the anesthesiologist about it. They BOTH said that there was NO WAY it wouldn't work twice. They must have not put enough in or in the wrong place last time... so now they get started. I jumped several times as he puts it in and he keeps asking where I feel it and I respond each time that I only feel it in my left leg, even as he moves it each time. They finally lay me down and are sure it will spread out appropriately... so we wait. Dawson tests me by clamping my stomach but could get it closed without me yelping... so we wait. The anesthesiologist tells me to tell him "when you feel it"- then he tases me... yes like a taser!! And I feel it and yelp. His eyes got the size of saucers and he swears he has never had anyone feel that before in 15 years... so we wait. A little while later the nurse tries to clamp me without me know but I felt it... so no more waiting. They tell me that I have to be put under general and won't be awake for the birth of baby Flipper. Really???!? What the heck?!??! Dawson knew I was really upset (hence the tears)!! He told me usually that no one is allowed in the operating room if the person is put to sleep but that he would still allow David in and would still let him cut the cord (not really supposed to do that on a c-section :0 ) but I couldn't see David before they put me out (insert more tears here). So off to dreamland I go and in comes David to see it all happen.
When I wake, I had a long discussion with the anesthesiologist about what happened. He apologized about a million times before he told me that he would write a letter for me so that we could do an epidural for baby #4 (or just be there himself). But after a LONG day... in comes David with my little BOY!!!

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