Thursday, April 19, 2012

Been busy...

After we finally made it home from our spring break trip, I was weak and tired. Not eating for several days will make you a little icky. But as we got home, David took the kids and I got the most important stuff out of the car that we would need for the night. I had been telling David all week that Brayden was so close to turning over... he would get to his side and then flop by onto his belly. So I lay him down with David on his mat and walk out to the car, I come back thirty seconds later and what had he done... Brayden turned over by himself for the first time! Little stinker!! So on March 18th- 5 months and 1 day old Brayden decided to turn over for his Daddy!
Then somewhere in between then and now, he has learned to sit up very well on his own. He doesn't even do the tripod thing where he rests on his arms, he just sits like a big boy!! He's so big!
Good Friday sounded like a great time to start oatmeal cereal with him. He absolutely loves it! I mean, he has been a great eater since day 1 and it now continues with solids! HE LOVES IT!! His tummy, not so much. So we have had to take him off some and added in alvacado as his first "real food"... he's not so crazy about it but still eating it!
All in all, my baby boy is getting BIG!!! Rolling over, sitting up and now eating food- yikes, next he might be crawling or walking!
They grow up so fast, it makes me sad!

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