Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quick stop

 This porch has always been one of my favorite places to be. I spent many summers in the NC mountains and love going back. 
I am glad my kids have had the opportunity to enjoy the mountains as well! After we left Sesame Place, we stopped for a night at JJ's then loaded the uhaul back up and headed to Mama Jettie's. 
We spent one night there and on our way out stopped at the nursing home to see her. Then we headed to Aunt Hessie's for a visit. 

Brayden wasn't overly thrilled about our picture taking time but I still will cherish this picture. I know my time with my Great grandmother and aunts are limited. They have been a huge part of my life and I will always miss my special times with them. I am blessed to have lots of pictures of myself and now my kids with these amazing ladies! Aunt Hessie always made the BEST POUND cakes and would even mail them to me from time to time! 
After we left her house, we headed to see her sister Aunt Sina (she got a pic but I forgot my camera in the car!!). She is doing well and I am so glad we got to stop for just a short time. 
Once we finished our round of visits, we loaded the car and headed out... who knew we would drive the straight 18 hrs home from here... David apparently!!

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