Sunday, February 26, 2012

An update of us... sorry it's kinda long!

It sure is a crazy life of 5 these days! 
David is busy as usual with work. He also is revamping our community garden that he started last year. This one will be almost 3 times the one we had last year!! The girls are so excited to help, well at least for the first 5 minutes they are out there!
I am busy with school and kids! Spring is ARD and test time at school so that keeps me crazy busy! I feel like I am in meetings and training as much as I am in the classroom. The new STAAR test has ALL the Texas teachers (and students) a little stressed! Plus we have added the deaf education program to my campus, which is great, it just also means a little extra work on my part! Then add in chasing a four year old, an almost 3 year old and then our little man, who is already 4 months old!! They alone keep me busy!
Kyndahl is great! She is still LOVING Allen Academy. Mrs. Westbrook is her teacher and thinks the world of Kyndahl. We had thought about putting her in the Kinder room next year but I think we will stick with the "bridge" class. That is where they put the older 4 year olds that are ready for Kinder but not quite old enough. Kyndahl knows all of her letters and the sounds of all (except gets mixed up with W, U, and Y). She can write her uppercase letters and writes her name very well in both upper and lowercase letters. We are working hard on sharing (!!!) and on using our words when things don't go our way! She is overly helpful sometimes with her siblings and refuses to take naps, even on weekends! She still enjoys gymnastics but I think we are going to try dance in the summer... you should see her move!!
Kaylah is a silly monkey! She keeps asking for a "big girl" bed, so we shall see! After a few weeks of transition once we got back from vacation, she has decided she is a big girl again! I really think becoming a middle child and then mommy going back to work were really not on her "list" of things she wanted! Kaylah is my loving soft spoken child, unless she doesn't get her way... then watch out! She is amazing at gymnastics... her teacher still can't believe she isn't even 3 yet! She loves to sing and I think she will be starting "school" on Tues and Thurs this week!! YIKES!
Then there is my Brayden boy! He is getting so big already! His 4 month shots were on Friday (and they didn't go so well). He is 90% for height and 50% for weight. His eyes are still blue but I think David is right and they will change here soon. Poor baby has been sick since January! Friday they decided to take him off his Rx and see what happens... if his ears show infection this coming week, then its tubes for him! YUCKY!! And he has had a horrible reaction to this round of shots!! Hopefully my "Smiley Joe" will feel better soon, because he really is a happy baby!! 
That's really just a quick rundown of us... crazy, busy, family of 5!  

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