Saturday, July 14, 2012

Moody Gardens Day #1

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We got up and headed in after breakfast to hit Moody Gardens. There really wasn't a plan so when we got there, we realized if we wanted to do all we wanted to do, that is would be better in the long run to get a season pass... And we made it worth the money! First we hit the 4D movie (3D with smells, bubbles and wind) of Dora and Diego. They LOVED it! Then while David and Milissa went to a 3D tornado movie, Papa, the kids and I hit the rain forrest. The corpse flower had just bloomed... read more here...

These are a little out of order but we got to see the HUGE corpse flower and a monkey (rainforrest not so exciting). Then while Papa, Grams and David went to see "Bodies Revealed", the kids and I saw the Wizard of OZ 4D... not so smart! The tornado and witch scared both girls but Brayden loved it!! Then we started to the aquarium while they finished up and met us there! All in all, the kids and adults had a blast and made that membership work for us!! 

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