Wednesday, July 18, 2012


My life has become crazy, hetic and BUSY...Who knew that would happen when you have three kiddos!!??!? Luckily, summer is here so I have a little time to just play! I love summertime and time with the kids! We try to stay as busy as possible, but this summer, I have finally decided that Brayden's sleep schedule is more important than storytime (otherwise I was going to loose it from a lack of sleep!!). But, we have still managed to make one session of swim lessons, weekly gymnastics, some pool time and I make it to the gym at least 2 mornings during the week and try to make it a few on the weekend.
On top of all of the fun things with the kids, I have become the new president of the ZL ADPi house corporation... which in itself, doesn't sound that exciting... but it sure has kept me busy. We are competly remodeling the downstairs of the house, just finished the back deck, had two work weekends (posts to follow soon), and now have found more foundation issues. Again, doesn't sound too bad...but, I have met with a contractor, decorator or something of the sort basically three to five days a week since summer let out. That doesn't include the work weekends, phone calls, text messages or conference calls! Then add on emails that I get and you now have a fulltime job plus some!! Trust me, I am not complaining, just simply stating why this summer has not been as "busy" as last summer with the outings and such.
In the end, it will all be worth it! Our chapter will have an amazing house to GROW in and my girls will have a house to live in when they are ZL's in several years! Remembering that and all of the memories and friends I have through ADPi, has kept me involved and going through all the turmoil and chaos!  <><><> We live for each other <><>


  1. Yikes - several years? ;) That is scary to think of our littles as teenagers!

    We *may* be in College Station for the South Carolina game in September. If you will be in town, I'd love to see you (and maybe let our girls meet?)

    1. Don't have plans to be gone, so we should be here... it would be fun. Let me know for sure as it gets closer!