Monday, September 10, 2012

We are alive and well..

Life is CRAZY in our household right now... Kyndahl started school the week I had inservice. Kaylah started the same day I did and is now going 5 days a week!! My school has now been in full swing for 11 days and they have been pure insanity... the absolute worst first weeks of school I have had in my 10 years of teaching!!! David working two weeks of 20 hour shifts (and the 4 hours not working were usually spent sleeping) just added to the fun of my first two weeks. Brayden is silly... never still and is a dancing fool that is VERY ATTACHED to his mommy! So with that being said, I really do plan on catching up on the blogging of our lives... I miss it and miss stalking, I mean reading other blogs!! I really hope to blog more this week... for now, I am going to bed!!

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