Monday, September 17, 2012

Summer is coming to a close....

 So we had to pack as much as possible into one day... first the girls and I met the other Boatcallies at the splashpad for some good ole' cousin fun!

 It is crazy how much bigger they are than this time last year!! Jacob is too big to come (in his mind :0) and Brayden was still napping. But, the middle five had a great time!!

 Then after naps for everyone, we headed to the Children's Museum to meet up with the Carr girls!

 Now I head back to work fulltime tomorrow... yuck! It's been a fun summer... but August snuck up on us and school is about to back in full swing! BLAH!! It sure is always a great treat to spend the summer home with my babies!!!

This time all the cousins were there but I somehow didn't get a picture!!!

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