Thursday, August 27, 2009

Made it through the first few days...

So life has been really crazy but I have made it through my first 4 days of school!! The first 3 I didn't have kids and Wednesday I had training most of the day so today is the first day I have had any of my kids... I will get them ALL on Monday. I am luck and have had the extra time to get ready, unlike most teachers but still feel like I could use even more time!!! But, in my defense, I have six kids on six totally different levels doing different subject ALL AT THE SAME TIME. So it does get CRAZY but I will figure it out. For now, I am luck because I have an aide... but not sure how long I will get to keep her! Hopefully all year but we'll have to see! 

The girls are great! Kyndahl is really doing well at potty training, at least when Mommy and Daddy are home. She talks non-stop and is always on the move. Kaylah is just happy! We are having some sleeping issues, especially during the day, but she is getting somewhat better... I just hate watching them grow so much when I am not at home : ( : ( But they are lucky, as am I, to have Grams and Reese keeping them each day! 

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