Friday, August 21, 2009


There is a splash pad by the playground at my new school. It is small and just has the big drop buckets and fountains coming up from the ground but Kyndah still enjoyed it. Last night I had "meet the teacher" night so would not be home for Kyndahl's bedtime, so I thought her coming to the school for a little while to play would be great. We sat out by the splash pad and let her go play. Maricia played with her as she trampled through all the water. She only got "poured" on once... she seemed to unknowingly move everytime right before the buckets would dump. It was so fun to watch her play. Then I had to go get ready so I took Kaylah in with me while Kyndhal played some more on one of the playgrounds, sliding and swinging.
Speaking of doesn't look like she misses many meals huh... look at those chunky legs... I have to spread apart her neck and leg creases to get her clean... mom always told stories about Sally who was like this but now I really understand! I just love this picture of her... she is really a happy baby!

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