Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Today I had to be at the hospital at noon for them to put a screw in my ankle. David went with me to register and get me settled in and then Re joined us. He had to head to get to work on the ADPi job so Re stayed with me. All went well and I was home by 3:30! Recovery was great since I had a nerve block in my leg plus it allowed me to nurse Kaylah since I didn't have any narcotics!! I take it out on Friday...well David actually will. So far, so good. The Dr. said everything went well but just asked Re why my bones were so brittle!! Well... that would be being diagnosed with at osteoporosis at 24... but all is good for now. Kyndahl thinks my crutches are really cool and mommy's ouchy is not so much fun. Thanks to Maricia and Grams, I think I will make it through the week!

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