Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happenings in the Boatcallie house

It's been crazy but here's a run down...
1. Last week we had dinner with Re and Ry on Thursday night, its always so much fun. I am so glad we have great friends to hang out with. And now with little "R" on the way, I love talking "parenting" with another couple who understands and somewhat agrees with our parenting style.
2. Friday my washing machine broke for real... did you know they had transmissions?? I guess I never really thought about it, but the transmission broke and was leaking grease all over my clothes!! NOT FUN!
3. Saturday we got up late and missed the "whoo whoo"'s at the mall but did accomplish getting a regular double stroller- only took 4 1/2 months! Then Megan and Micah came over to hang out and watch the game over dinner. They stayed until midnight when Kyndahl got up crying. Her teeth are really coming in fast so they are hurting her pretty bad.
4. Sunday since I HAD to do laundry, we spent the day at Grams' house washing clothes. In between loads we ran some errands to Wal-mart and Old Navy.
5. Monday was crazy here at school.... since there were so many out last week, some of the teachers decided I was "make-up" person and sent all of them to me... special ed or not!! Then I needed to work on ARD paperwork and couldn't so wanted to do so at home last night. The lady who was supposed to fix my computer to allow me to work at home, couldn't and didn't tell me until 4:30. So my option were come to school last night... or EARLY this morning. So I picked up my computer from her, took K1 and K2 to Lowe's to meet David and look at washers, drive the tractors and see the rocking chair. Lowe's is suddenly Kyndahl's favorite place to go!!! Then we had dinner at Casa Ole (it's been forever!) before heading home and putting the girls to bed. Kaylah slept horrible so spent most of the night with us in bed.
5. Up at 4:45 to nurse Kaylah before the alarm went off at 5:30 to come to work early!! Since I decided not to come last night, I had to come this morning! But I stopped at Star Bucks on the way just to make it through! Crazy to drive up and be the only car besides the custodian as we walked in together! Now we have started my morning reading group and afternoon as well... they keep sending bc I keep saying yes! I have an ARD at 12:30... hoping its quick!
6. Have to get ready to fly to JJ's! Lots to pack and think about. But it's going to be awesome... JJ and her family of course, the Sally and her crew are coming, mom is flying in Thursday night and just found out that G-ma and Papa are FLYING up as well!! Four generations together in one house for the weekend!! And as many of you know- G-ma does NOT fly! Its gonna be great... with a little side of stress!

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