Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Maryland... FINALLY

On Sunday we all were up and out of the door by 9:30 to head to the Maryland Ren Fest. I really think Kyndahl had a great time. She got a lady bug on her arm (she still wouldn't let them put it on her face) and once she saw it, she wanted one of the "other arm"!

Then we rode an elephant!! She loved it! I was more shaky than she was... she wanted to even go again. Hey for $20 bucks you get to go in a circle, but when else will you get to ride an elephant!

After the elephant ride, we watched a jousting tournament. Kaylah was exhausted and scared every time the crowd yelled so JJ and I took the babies away from the craziness and let them sleep. But Kyndahl LOVED it... stood the whole time and clapped and yelled. Kaylah with Gma and Papa Chuck before family pics! Too cute
Nana had her hands full at breakfast... sit too close to Spencer and you will get messy but then again, letting Kyndahl sit in your lap to eat, isn't too clean either!

Saying our good-byes to Audrey and Spencer... Audey and Spener as Kyndahl says!! LOVE MY COUSINS!

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