Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More to come...

I still have a lot of pics to sort through and upload but we had a great time! We flew into Baltimore on Saturday and Sally picked us and ALL of our baggage up at the airport (including the horse!). We headed to JJ's and met up with everyone else. Funny enough we were the first ones to plan the trip but the last to show up! That night we just hung out at the house and ate queso and pico. Then Sunday we headed to the Ren Fest from 10:00 to almost 1:30 before the kids couldn't take anymore. Home to nap!! Kyndahl and Kaylah slept forever so the others headed to the park. Monday we were up to take pictures before we had to tell the Schedler's good-bye. We had planned on going to a pumpkin patch but the girls napped too well. Tuesday we didn't leave until late so we headed into Baltimore to the zoo (pics to come) before having to pack up and head back to Texas! Kyndahl didn't sleep at all on the plane ride home so once we got to the car (and found the keys... DAVID) she was exhausted! We drove back to College Station and put the girls in bed about midnight. It was a crazy busy and fun trip! So glad we all got to go!

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