Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baby its cold outside....

Don't we live in Texas... what is this crazy 20 degree weather! This is for the birds.... I can't wait for summer to be here! I live here so I don't have to deal with this!! But I guess I should be thankful, its only going to last 2-3 days and then be back up into the 50's!! Unlike mom's, JJ's and Sally's where it will be CRAZY cold for months still! Come to Texas- back to the land of very few season changes!

Other that the cold, David and I are cleaning and getting rid of LOTS of stuff!! Any of you who have been to my house know, that my garage is more like a HUGE and packed storage shed... but it is getting better! We have purged a lot of things with even more heading out the door daily! Yeah Cragislist and Bryan Faculty Lounge! And the money is going toward that new phone I still have to get since my was stolen!!

Now, why won't my youngest sleep?? I think I got negative amounts of sleep (if that is possible) last night. She has decided to only take 2 naps during the day on her own time and try to eat every 2-3 hrs at night. Plus wants to play when she gets up at 2am or 4am!! 8month growth spurt?? or just in need of true sleep training?? We have been much more relaxed about her schedule and sleep training than we were with Kyndahl (even though many will say we are still stuck to a schedule, I think we have relaxed!!). Maybe, that is the problem! Kyndahl has always and probably will always LOVE to sleep and does so easily and so well! Maybe going back to a strict schedule regardless of what they have to miss would be best for Kaylah.... and me in the long run!

Ok, enough RANDOM blogging... I am off to work and then to a conference in Houston tomorrow!!

Oh ya, and I am thinking of doing a Tri-athalon in June?~!??~?

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