Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Baby Reese... this is late coming...

Baby Reesey came early!! I am sitting in NC waiting on the girls to wake up so they can go "snow boating" aka sledding, when I happen to look at my phone and what do I see... a text saying "Baby Reese is here, more to come later"... WHAT THE... I mean, what? I was in total shock... so I called Re and I hear a very calm very normal sounding NEW MOMMY!!! Re sounded amazing for giving NATURAL birth just about an hour before I talked to her! I BAWLED... I was so happy for them! And so proud to share our anniversary with our best friends new bundle of joy! December 28th... Carolyn Reese Carr joined our family! We were out of state for several more days but finally got to meet the newest addition to the clan on New Years Day! Kyndahl and Kaylah were in awe! They both couldn't wait to get their hands on her! It was too cute! I love their first pictures together!! Of course, if you know Kyndahl, you know she had to kiss the baby! I know they will all the best of friends and closer than many of us could ever imagine!! We love you and are so proud of your mommy and daddy!! WELCOME!

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