Thursday, January 21, 2010


Kyndahl- is sick!! She had been telling us that her ear hurt for two days. We kept checking her temp yesterday since she felt hot but nothing. Then this morning she woke up with a 100.4 temp and it went up from there. We headed to the dr for him to check her out... she told David her left knee was hurting too! Wonderful Dr Henderson checked her ears and didn't see anything so had them use the machine to check for fluid behind her eardrum... nothing. So he wanted to check her WBC for infection that could have settled in her knee.. still nothing! So we just have a fussy, tired 2 year old! He said if she got worse or was not better by Monday to bring her back... we'll see! Other than that, she is getting two new teeth and continues to amaze me everyday with her thought processes and her speech!! She is a sponge that takes in EVERYTHING and wants to learn even more! We start our Kindermusic class together on Wednesday evenings next week!! I am so excited! I love going with her!

Kaylah- is still happy as can be! She is still army crawling but is fast and goes EVERYWHERE!! She can't stand it when I get out of the shower with a towel on my head... she HAS to pull it off! She also has to have your attention, or she will yell until she gets it.. then just smiles and laughs when you look at her! She is sleeping much better... usually in bed by 6:30 and gets up at midnight and about 5am to nurse. Then is usually down until about 7am or 730 am. She LOVES butternut squash and most foods that she can have. Still working on getting a variety since she cannot have oatmeal or rice! Suggestions on how to do eggs without mixing them with oatmeal?? We will see in a few months if she is really allergic or what?!?!? She has her first Kindermusic class next week as well with Grams!

David- is crazy BUSY! The last three nights he has not been home before 7pm! Hopefully tonight he will be since it is our weekly Carr Casa night! But he does continue to be the great daddy he is and even took the time to go to the dr with K1 and I today, after watching Sesame Street with her!

Me- I am good! I started back to the gym jan 4th and feel much better. My ankle is hanging in there and starting to get back full ROM. It's getting there! I am working on doing a duo in March. I will run a 5K, bike 12 miles and then "run" another 5K. I am also thinking of doing a "Rookie" tri-athalon in May... All to say, that I have a goal that I am working toward! I think it will keep me motivated!

SO all in all... the Boatcallie household is doing well....

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