Wednesday, May 5, 2010


A fun filled FIESTA!! Costumes and all... the weather was great and so were the friends who got to join us!

We had lots of friends come and play! The Starlings drove up on Friday and came with the Valka's!! Thanks for letting us use the blow up bouncey thing! The kids loved it! The Carrs joined in with Keeli and Reese. Baby Kendell came too! Tyson got to come, as did Eli and Mary! Nana came all the way from NC. Aunt JJ and Kenna from Maryland. Papa and Gma came from Austin, as did Aunt Cheryl. Aunt Melissa joined in with Grams and Papa B. A great time was had by all... at least by us for sure!

SInce we knew we would have several little ones that aren't quite mobile, we decided to invest in a second play yard and put the two together with some blankets and toys to give them somewhere to roam! McKenna seemed to enjoy herself!

You would have thought it was her birthday! She posed with the cake several times... as she "tasted" the icing! She LOVES Morgan's fondant! Kyndahl kept stealing little bites here and there until it was time to actually eat it!

The actual cake cutting was great! Kaylah actually looked like she knew what to do... we have video of her tearing the cake apart that I need to upload! She LOVED it! Not sure she even tasted it but it was all over her!

A "pull" pinata versus one you hit with a stick sounded like a great idea for all the little ones... problem is, they all pulled and nothing happened! Therefore, David and I had to PULL the poor bull apart to get the stuffing out!! Poor little Mary was not too happy about that!!

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