Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kaylah's 1 year check up

WAS HORRIBLE! We headed to the dr's office, I was a little late but David took Kaylah in. They weighed her on the big girl scale!! She is 21 pounds and 29 inches. She is on the exact 50% curve! Kyndahl was 3 full inches longer at this time!! But they weigh about the same. Kaylah was very good for Dr Henderson and let him listen and feel... then Ms. Heather had to give her 3 shots!!! No fun! Then we discussed her reaction to milk, eggs, and oatmeal or rice cereals. Dr Henderson sent us to the lab for a blood test to test for allergies. THAT WAS HORRIBLE!!! I was naive and thought it would be a simple finger or heel prick or something of the like... NO WAY! They actually had to draw blood... like they would on me!! Poor thing! I was crying, she was crying... and then they didn't get enough in the first arm so they had to do the other arm! I gave up, Daddy had to hold her for the second arm. Needless to say, it was rough on all of us! Then I get a call yesterday saying that the test results came back and.... she's not allergic to anything!??!?! What??? All that for nothing... so why does my kid throw up for hours and hours after eating these things?? Who know! They told me it could just be a sensitivity and to slowly introduce her to all of it again!! Ya right! I don't want to have to watch her throw up all day several more times!! Not sure what the plan is for now, she's healthy and happy... we'll deal with it at a later date I guess!


  1. That is terrible! I hope they figure out what the deal is.

  2. Hey girl - long time no talk! Just wanted to let you know I feel your pain - that is what Landon has to go through almost every 3 months at Texas Children's and it IS horrible!! Sorry the results were "sucky" - I hope you can figure out a solution soon but, like you said, she's healthy and happy. Hope all is well!