Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mother's Day at Gma's and Papa Chuck's

First thing in the morning... this is what was important... Food for Kaylah and a ride for Kyndahl still in her pj's!

Do you see where she is... and what side he is on.... are you kidding me! Yes she drove all through the pasture!! SHE LOVED IT!!!

Riding and driving are her favorite thing to do when she is with Papa Chuck!! He actually lets her drive... for real without help!!

Loving "driving" the rojo! She barely took time to "cheese" for a smiley with Papa Chuck before she had to run back to play on the "rojo".

Mother's day pics of me and the girls! We had a great day at Gma and Papa's house! The girls love being there... and so do we!

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