Friday, June 11, 2010

Abuelo's and Betty's Place

We picked up the babysitter and as it started to storm, we headed into Midland for dinner at Abuelo's. It started hailing so we spent 10 mins under an overpass with lots of other concerned drivers!! Once the storm slowed up some, we headed onto dinner. The food was not so great but the drinks were good! After about an hour of sitting and talking, we headed to Betty's place. Its a karaoke bar in downtown... tiny and SMOKEY!! But we had a good time.

Jason and Kristy got the night started off with "Total Eclipse of the Heart"!

Kristal, me and Jill

Jennifer, Melinda, Amy and Kristy

Aren't we a cute couple...

So are Mel and Jason

Crystal, Jeff, Ben and Gina

Crazy pic of us taking a shot... somehow Gina was turning the camera off and taking a pic at the same time!

Jeff's big head getting in the way of our "class picture"...

Our 13 year reunion.... CLASS PICTURE!

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